Travel Insurance

  • FAQ's

Are there any age limits on a travel policy?

Age limits vary between policies however most policies will cover travellers up to 75 years old. Travellers older than 75 years may usually be covered subject to medical certification and on reduced benefits.


Is there a choice of cover?

Most policies offer at least a choice of two levels of cover. One would usually have higher limits than the other and possibly additional benefits. A higher premium would be charged for the more comprehensive level.

Who do I call in the event of an emergency overseas?

Various underwriters use different international emergency providers. You will be provided with the emergency contact details upon arrangement of your insurance cover.

What information will I need to contact Medical Rescue?

You will need to know the dates of the outward and return journey, the exact nature of the emergency and you must have access to a contact number so that you may be contacted back as required.

Are sports injuries covered?

Bodily injury resulting from a number of specified sports is usually excluded. These include mountaineering, rock climbing, subacqua diving, hunting, organized team football, racing of any kind and winter sports such as skiing. Some of these exclusions may be bought back at an additional premium.

Are pre-existing Medical conditions covered?

There is no cover in respect of a medical condition for which, at the time of purchasing the insurance, you are receiving treatment or are awaiting to receive treatment or you have received a terminal prognosis or you are travelling against the advice of a qualified doctor or you intend to obtain medical treatment during the operative period of the insurance.

What do I do in the event I lose my luggage or personal effects
or discover any damages?

Please report any damages or lost/missing luggage to the air line representative and obtain a written report from them detailing the nature of the damages/number of suitcases missing. In the event of any missing items from the luggage please also file a report at the airport police and obtain a copy of your report. Any theft of money or personal effects from hotel rooms or any other place should also be reported to the nearest police station (and hotel authorities if applicable) and written reports obtained.

How to I go about to lodge a claim?

In the event of any loss, damage or injury claimable under your travel policy, kindly contact our office immediately on 23433108 or 23433214 where you will be guided on what documentation you will need to provide.