Why a broker?

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Is MIB Independent?

As a broker we are an independent professional intermediary between you and the insurance supplier. We do not represent any insurance company. In fact, we are regarded as your agent and it is our duty to ensure that your interests are safeguarded.


We are bound by law to provide professional advice. As such, we will be your professional consultants on insurance matters just as you appoint your legal advisor, your medical advisor and your financial advisor, each professionally responsible to advise you in their respective area of service.


Would insurance cost more through a broker than directly from
an insurance company?

No. To the contrary, our broking services will ensure that you are getting the best value for money when purchasing insurance protection. It is in our interest to make sure that you are enjoying a wide insurance programme at a competitive premium. As is generally the case, we will contribute towards reducing your insurance bill and additionally to easing your administrative cost to handle your insurance programme.

Our job can be achieved effectively since we have access to all the insurance market from which we will provide you with multiple quotations and products.


We will guide you through comparing the quotations received and in deciding for the package best adapted to protect your particular risks. Today’s large insurance market offers an extensive range of products. One therefore needs a high level of insurance experience to adequately analyse the terms offered in the detail they merit.



Does the broker’s service stop with the insurance purchase?

No. MIB will appoint an account executive who will work within a team responsible to see that your day to day insurance requirements are met. This includes checking that the insurance policy documents issued conform with the agreed basis of cover, handling adjustments of your insurances when you need to update the coverage due, for instance, to diversification of your business as well as any other daily needs to maintain your insurance program. Briefly as your Broker we will act as your Insurance Department.



Will the broker assist in the event of an insurance claim?

Yes. The broker will be responsible for assisting you throughout the process of the insurance claim. The more resources and specialists that the broker has at his disposal, the more support and expert guidance can be afforded to you. It is appreciated that ultimately this is the stage when you need to see the insurance protection that you purchased in full action.