Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance


  • Air Cargo

Cover for air transits risks are usually obtained under the standard marine form policy.

  • Hull

An Aviation hull insurance policy is a contract of indemnity. Insurers generally either pay, replace or make good accidental loss or damage to the aircraft insured.

  • Passenger Liability

The Insured under this cover is protected against loss for any amounts for which there is legal liability to pay damages for personal injury to passengers.

  • Third Party Liability

This insurance undertakes to pay compensation amounts for which the insured may be legally liable to pay as damages for loss or injury to third parties or their property.

  • Loss of Use

This term is used for insurance against consequential loss suffered by commercial aircraft operators who are deprived from the use of their aircraft as the result of an accident.

  • Loss of License

Loss of license insurance is normally available in the aviation insurance market to individuals under annual policies. It provides for the payment of a fixed sum should the insured's license be suspended following illness or accident occurring during the period of insurance.