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Risk Consultancy

Why does your business need risk solutions

MIB’s local and international resources are positioned to provide, co-ordinate and support Risk Reviews, Insurance Program Audits, complete Risk Management Services including consultancy on Business Continuity and Crisis Planning.

In today’s fast evolving economy effective risk management is a critical component of any winning management strategy. Properly designed, a risk management program allows an organization to actually take on additional risk while growing more securely.

Options for treatment of exposure to loss include avoidance, reduction, contractual transfer, insurance transfer, and retention. The most effective treatment of risk usually involves the application of more than one of these methods. Experienced coordination of the selected methods of treatment is essential to affect real change and to accurately monitor results.

Because no one organization can house the broad scope of expertise needed to address the full spectrum of risk faced in an evolving economy and marketplace, it is essential to select business partners who can provide a breadth and depth of expertise when and where you need it. In seeking to support our clients in this critical area, MIB has in its employment three experienced staff members who hold qualifications with the Institute of Risk Management, UK, whilst directly linked to international Risk Management specialists.

Key Contacts

Joseph Cutajar

Managing Director


Fiona Borg

Associate Director

CMIRM, Dip. CII, CBCI - Chartered Risk Professional