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Construction Insurance

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Construction Insurance is designed to cover material damage and third-party liability for project works in the construction industry.

What's Covered

Contractors All RIsks Policy and Erection All Risks Policy

Construction Insurance takes the form of either a ‘Contractors All Risks Policy’ or an ‘Erection All Risks Policy’ depending on the nature of the project works.

Both cases provide an umbrella insurance package designed to cover all parties (principal, contractors and sub-contractors) involved in the project works against material damage to the works as well as third party liability exposures. Construction plant and machinery as well as damage to existing surrounding property belonging to the insured are also coverable under the policy through extensions.

Key Contacts

Mark Scicluna

Associate Director


Julian Paul Caligari

Assistant Divisional Director

ACII - Chartered Insurance Broker

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of a Construction Insurance?

Unlike other policies construction insurance is issued for the duration of the contract period, that is from the commencement of the works until the completion of works. It is also possible to request an extension in the period of cover for any delays in the project.

What is not covered under a Contractors All Risks Policy?

The following examples are considered to fall outside of the scope of cover:

  • Settlement cracks or cracks in wall tiles
  • Settlement in floor tiling
  • Water penetration into properties adjacent or adjoining the contract site unless adequate precautionary measures have been taken
  • Damage caused to rubble walls
  • Damage resulting in wells or swimming pools
  • Existing damage prior to commencement works

Renew Insurance

To effect renewal you may:

Pay over the internet using BOV or HSBC Internet Banking and quote the payment reference appearing on your renewal notice

Call on +356 234 33 234 and provide us with your Credit Card or Debit Card details

Send a cheque payable to Mediterranean Insurance Brokers (Malta) Ltd. by post

Visit our offices and talk to one of our advisors