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Health Insurance

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Private medical treatment

Covers you against the cost of private medical treatment necessitated by unforeseen illness or injury suffered by you or members of your family.

Levels of protection

Different levels of protection are available as to use of hospitals, clinics, geographic area and levels of benefits.

Extensions for certain activities

Sports or skin-diving generally requires the arrangement of special extensions to the standard policy.

Key Contacts

For enquiries please contact:

Maria Sacco

Senior Broker

B.Com (Melit.), M.Sc.(Melit.)

Jackie Wilson

Assistant Broker


Leander Cauchi

Assistant Broker

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a Private Health Insurance Policy?

Holders of a Health Insurance Policy have the option to resort to private medical attention from either a private clinic or a private hospital (depending on the cover option selected) and will therefore avoid waiting lists, choose when and where to receive treatment and who will provide this.

Do applicants require a Medical Examination to be eligible for a Healthcare Policy?

Most Underwriters will not require you to undergo a Medical Examination, however, this will depend on your age and their discretion.  You will be nonetheless required to complete an Application Form and full details of your past medical history should be disclosed.

What is the maximum Age on joining?

The maximum Age ranges from 59 to 64, depending on the Underwriter.

Can Children under the age of 16 years be covered on their own?

No.  At least one parent must be the Policy Holder and any children can be listed as their dependant.

If I have had any illnesses in the past, will these be covered?

In most cases you will not be covered for illnesses/medical conditions which you have had in the past but this will depend on the nature of the illness/condition.  However, if full details are disclosed including a Medical Report from the treating Medical Doctor/Specialist, the Underwriters will be in a position to make a fair decision regarding your cover and advise you of any specific exclusions.  This process is called Medical Underwriting.

Will I be covered whilst abroad?

International Policies do cover you whilst abroad or if you choose to have your treatment abroad.  Some Underwriters provide a list of their network of hospitals worldwide which can be viewed on their website.  It is always wise to notify the Underwriter before proceeding with treatment abroad so they can authorise direct settlement.

Some Underwriters also allow for treatment abroad, even though the Policy is specifically designed for treatment in Malta.  Benefits will be paid up to the limits of the Policy only.  You should always enquire with your insurance broker before proceeding.

What is not covered by Health Insurance?

The most common exclusions include routine medical examinations, although some Underwriters allow you to purchase an add-on to have certain routine medical examinations covered with limited benefits.  Medical costs which are not fair & reasonable or are higher than those usually charged are also excluded. The policy excludes Normal Pregnancy and childbirth and Treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.  Another standard exclusion concerns HIV/AIDS related illnesses and any sexually transmitted diseases.  Cosmetic surgery, solely to enhance your appearance is also not covered.  For a full list of exclusions please consult with your insurance broker.

Do I have immediate cover?

Once your application form and payment has been processed, confirmation of cover with your Membership Certificate, Handbook/Guide and Agreement will be sent to you. No cover is in force before a Certificate is issued.

Am I limited to how many claims I can submit in a year?

You can claim as many times as you like, however, bear in mind that benefit limits may apply. Underwriters may also choose not to renew cover in the event of an adverse loss experience.

Renew Insurance

To effect renewal you may:

Pay over the internet using BOV or HSBC Internet Banking and quote the payment reference appearing on your renewal notice

Call on +356 234 33 234 and provide us with your Credit Card or Debit Card details

Send a cheque payable to Mediterranean Insurance Brokers (Malta) Ltd. by post

Visit our offices and talk to one of our advisors