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How to Make a Claim



In the unforeseen circumstances that you suffer damage, loss, or injury it  is important that you contact MIB immediately by completing one of the online forms depending on the type of insurance.

If for some reason you cannot complete the online form, you may send an email on,  reach one of our claim executives on telephone number 23433234 or visit our offices at Zentrum Business Centre, Mdina Road Qormi, between 8.15am and 5pm.

It is important that you take photographs of the incident as necessary to prove your loss and/or damage and retain all damaged items for inspection, by either our representatives or experts appointed by the Insurance Company.

We reserve the right to request any additional information and/or documentation as deemed necessary.


Acknowledgement & Process

Upon receipt of the documentation, we will acknowledge the claim and a claims executive will be appointed to manage your claim.


Claim Investigation

The claim will then be investigated even with the possible appointment of external experts appointed by the Insurers.

This process will assist identifying any third parties involved, and extent of damage including the policy engagement and applicable deductibles.


Damage Evaluation

A statement of claim would be required, where the list of damages is evaluated and cross checked against the quotations obtained. As soon as the Insurer is satisfied with the evaluation, and works are agreed, they will issue a claims settlement offer.



Once there is an agreement on the claim settlement by the client, we will collect payment from Insurer and settle amounts to you promptly.

Throughout the claims experience, we will make it our priority that your Insurer resolves every claim efficiently, professionally and fairly.

Ready to Make a Claim?

Kindly submit your claim using our online Claim Form.

Trust us to handle the process efficiently, so you can have peace of mind and get back to what matters most.