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Small Business Insurance

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Main perils

This policy provides a wide range of cover for your business, including fire, theft, storm and earthquake damage, amongst others.


Your legal responsibilities towards third parties and employees can also be inbuilt into your insurance program.


Levels of protection

You may select between different levels of cover for your business.

Special extensions

Your Policy may also include specific extensions to reflect your specific business operations.


Key Contacts

For enquiries please contact:

Chris Buttigieg

Assistant Divisional Director


Joseph Agius

Senior Broker


Andrew Sillato Warrington

Senior Broker

Lance Borg


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Small Business Insurance?

We have streamlined the application process to ensure maximum simplicity for you. To begin, we kindly ask that you fill in the Small Business Insurance Demands and Needs form. Completing this form is crucial, as it allows us to gather essential information about your business. We encourage you to provide as much detail as possible to assist us in formulating an accurate quotation tailored specifically to your needs.

How do I choose which insurance company is best for my business insurance needs?

Once you have submitted the Small Business Insurance Demands and Needs Form, we will evaluate the information provided. Our dedicated team will then approach the insurance market on your behalf, seeking out quotations that align with your specific requirements. Rest assured that we will carefully analyze each option before presenting them to you. We understand the importance of finding the best fit for your needs and we will offer you a range of choices to consider. We will guide you through the selection process to ensure you make an informed choice that suits your business perfectly.

What values do I need to insure on?

The policy is based on a Reinstatement Value and therefore the sums insured must always reflect what you would be expected to pay for a new replacement item in the eventuality of a total loss.

What are the consequences if the sums insured are less than the Reinstatement value?

Where the Reinstatement value is more than the Sum Insured, you would be considered to be under insured and as result the amount of your claim will be reduced in the same proportion that the Sum Insured bears to the Reinstatement Value. This is what is called `Average’ being applied.

Renew Insurance

To effect renewal you may:

Pay over the internet using BOV or HSBC Internet Banking and quote the payment reference appearing on your renewal notice

Call on +356 234 33 234 and provide us with your Credit Card or Debit Card details

Send a cheque payable to Mediterranean Insurance Brokers (Malta) Ltd. by post

Visit our offices and talk to one of our advisors