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Liability Insurance

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Liability Insurance covers the legal liability of the Insured for involuntary acts or omissions that result in bodily injury or death or that lead to loss or damage to the property of others. There are various types of Liability Insurance one may consider.

What's Covered

Subject to the provisions of the respective policy wording, the insurance will generally cover you as follows.

Public Liability

Your legal responsibilities towards others arising from owning, occupying or carrying out your  business including legal costs of defence and representation.

Products Liability

Compensation you may be asked to pay by a civil court award in relation to injury, loss or damage caused by a product which you have designed, manufactured, sold, supplied, tested, serviced or repaired.

Employers Liability

Protects your business for claims by employees suffering injuries or illness at the place of work or during such time where you, as their employer, are responsible for their wellbeing.

Directors' & Officers' Liability

Covers the decision takers of a company should they be held personally liable for an alleged wrongful act such as breach of duty, negligence, error, omission, misleading statements and other exposures.

Freight Forwarders Liability

Protection is provided against loss or damage to customers’ cargo, financial losses due to delays in handling, demurrage charges, misdescription or wrong delivery, infringements, fines & penalties and defence costs.

Marina Operators Liability

Liability exposures as the operators of a yacht marina arising both on land and at sea in relation to the care, custody and control of watercraft owned by others and for which you are responsible, including for ancillary services offered.

Ship Repairers Liability

Protection of your responsibility for vessels and equipment in your care, custody and control and damage to third party property and personal injury arising in the course of operations including during  maintenance or repair, welding, painting, upholstering, decking, furnishing and cleaning and during mechanical, electrical and plumbing fitouts.

Films, Events & Related Services

Whether you are producing or servicing a film-production or are organising or hosting an event, conference or other activity or are subcontracted for any part of a film or event, you are engaging into responsibilities for the wellbeing of crew, other subcontractors, artists, performers, landlords, tenants and guests. There are bespoke liability covers for this that can be further complimented to include  additional coverage for accidental damage to sets, costumes, stage and rental and performers` equipment and for personal accident.

Medical Malpractice

Designed to protect healthcare professionals from allegations of acts or omissions while exercising their professional duties and clinical negligence.

It is intended to cover the legal liability for cases claimed by a patient as arising from disputed services offered by medical practitioners. This includes: property damage, misdiagnosis, delays in referral, erroneous prescriptions, wrong treatment. physical or mental harm

Legal costs in defending allegations, which are often prolonged and expensive, are also generally covered.

Key Contacts

Malcolm Ellul

Associate Director

MInstSMM, ACII, AMBCS, AMIM - Chartered Insurance Practitioner

Mark Scicluna

Associate Director


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Employers Liability mandatory?

Whilst not as yet a legal requisite in Malta, it is highly recommended that all employers take out an Employers Liability Insurance since any liability claims can significantly cripple the financial reserves of a business.

What are the typical liability limits one should insure for?

For sole traderships and smaller business entry-level policies offer a limit of €250,000 going up to €5,000,000 and higher for larger companies.

Can you have a liability policy tailored to my specific needs?

Yes. A liability policy may be extended and endorsed to accommodate most known businesses.

What are the typical exclusions?

Liability policies would typically exclude:

  • Professional negligence or malpractice. These acts are insurable under Professional Indemnity insurance policies.
  • Contractual Liability
  • Pollution
  • Criminal or fraudulent conduct

Renew Insurance

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