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Property Insurance

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Insurance cover for your physical assets such as buildings, contents, equipment and the like.

What's Covered

Accidental Damage / Industrial All Risks

The policy provides cover against accidental loss, damage or destruction to the insured property, including fire, special perils, theft and other accidental means. The policy is designed to cover your buildings, machinery, stock and other assets. It provides a protection which is wider than the traditional Fire and Specified Perils policy.

Fire & Special Perils

Indemnifies you following loss or damage to your property against a number of specified perils such as Fire, Lightning and Explosion as well as losses from natural causes and social elements.

Theft & Hold Up

The cover provides compensation against loss or damage caused by theft or any attempt theft. The policy is generally subject to the condition that force is used to enter or exit the premises in the course of such theft. However, there are cases where a wider protection can be purchased to remove this condition.

Electronic Equipment

The policy is designed to provide protection against physical loss or damage to all types of electronic equipment on accidental loss or damage basis. The policy may be extended to include losses as a result of mechanical or electrical breakdown. Additionally protection may be purchased against cost to reinstate lost data and other additional expenditure.

All Risks

This policy provides cover against accidental loss or damage to the insured items that are generally specifically listed on the policy. It is not the scope of the policy to provide protection against mechanical or electrical breakdown and is hence not a substitute to the Electronic Equipment Policy.


The scope of this policy is to provide accidental damage cover in respect of fixed glass. Arrangements may be made to have this type of property covered under other material damage policies such as the “Industrial All Risks.”

Good in Transit (Inland)

Compensation is provided against loss or damage to property if lost or damaged whilst in transit. Protection operates only in respect of inland transits and is extended to loading and unloading operations. Insurance may be arranged on a blanket basis for all annual transits and the premium is adjusted on the basis of the actual value of property transported as declared by the insured.

Deterioration of Stock

Damage to temperature-controlled products caused by a fluctuation in temperature as a result of breakdown of the plant or accidental failure or interruption of the power supply as well as damage to the stock caused by escape of refrigerant . This insurance is available to a wide spectrum of businesses from the small retail butcher to hoteliers, restaurant and supermarket chains, and large warehousing operations dealing in fruit, vegetables, meats, pharmaceuticals, flowers and other sensitive products.


Cover for those involved in the manufacture or trading of jewellery and includes All Risks cover on stock, attempted and actual forcible theft, hold-up and damage therefrom, snatch and grab, damage to safes and transit risks. Policies may be tailored according to the needs and requirements of individual operations.

Films, Events & Related Services

Whether you are producing or servicing a film-production or are organising or hosting an event, conference or other activity or are subcontracted for any part of a film or event, you are engaging into responsibilities for the wellbeing of crew, other subcontractors, artists, performers, landlords, tenants and guests. There are bespoke liability covers for this that can be further complimented to include  additional coverage for accidental damage to sets, costumes, stage and rental and performers` equipment and for personal accident.

Key Contacts

Malcolm Ellul

Associate Director

MInstSMM, ACII, AMBCS, AMIM - Chartered Insurance Practitioner

Julian Paul Caligari

Assistant Divisional Director

ACII - Chartered Insurance Broker

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be insured?

All property and physical assets as long as being of a lawful nature.

On what value is the property usually insured for?

This is customarily based on the estimated replacement or reinstatement cost at the time of loss.

What is generally excluded?

Losses caused by or attributable to:

  • Consequential losses
  • Wear and Tear
  • Inherent vice
  • Mysterious Disappearance
  • War and Terrorism

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